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"Born with cerebral palsy I was told I couldn't walk, so I ran, and I've been running ever since"

When I was in school my friends were talking about college and when I got home I asked my parents if they would help pay for it. Growing up in a family of 6, having moved all our life, I already knew the answer but wanted to hear it. The answer broke me but in that moment I decided not to let my situation define me.

I learned everything I could about web and graphic design thinking that with a tangible skill I'd get to at least show a business what I could do and maybe get a job. In my sophomore year of high school a colleague and I designed the school's website! However, all that fell through in my senior year when I looked around at websites like Wix and Weebly and realized that the skill was more accessible. When everyone was figuring out what they wanted to do I just lost my path and was looking for somewhere to turn to.

The next thing I did I never recommend anyone to do and that was choose a career for money. It could be the fastest way to hate your life. I decided that I was going to figure out how to manage my finances and go to college as an air traffic controller. FORTUNATELY, I fell in love with the career. However, to stay I had to pay for school as I went because I could not get covered enough by loans. I worked two full-time jobs and learned EVERYTHING I could about finance. 

I don't proclaim to be a self-made man - I proclaim to be a help-made man. Warren Buffett, among others, taught me enough about personal finance that I was able to not only graduate...but I graduated early, with Master's credit, valedictorian, and with no debt. I then went for my MBA while waiting to be picked up as an air traffic controller which I finished (again, debt free). 


Now I'm finally an air traffic controller and there's so much more I can say but I will leave it at that for now and will happily answer questions, elaborate, or continue if contacted.


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"Born with Cerebral Palsy I was told I couldn't walk, so I ran, and I've been running ever since."

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