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Air Traffic Academy EnRoute Basics Day 3



The First Day of Lessons

You'll soon learn what a JATO is if not already. As in, you will have gone from the human resource introduction to 12 pages of work through an hour almost at the speed of a Jet Assisted Take Off. Some instructors might over for those looking for studying techniques along with a few other helpful ques so listen up! Everything in the book is testable.

Get to Getting

As soon as you can start studying the material front and back however it bests suits you. Regardless, you will still want to get the study group together because teamwork makes the dream work. There are a load of quizzes you can take online but be careful because I have found errors in some of them. Which reminds me, rid yourself of the dreaded group think bias and really double check answers for yourself. One of the best pieces of advice I can offer is to study the next lesson material ahead of time if, and only if, you believe fully comprehensive of the first lesson. This will give a little bit of a buffer just in case anything happens and will help you recognize more in class following the next day.

Knowing What to Expect

Your first quiz will be one of the hardest because it's hard to know what to expect. Give yourself a lot of quizzes and really understand the concepts over simply memorizing the exact words.

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