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Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon affiliate marketing is the perfect example of passive income

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is outsourcing your marketing department for anyone to take advantage of so that the affiliate, the person doing the marketing, can receive a portion of a sale that would not have been accomplished otherwise. Pretend you own a business and your marketing department is having a hard time breaking into the Canadian consumer base. If you employed an affiliation program, then people who really understand the Canadian consumer base with your product would be able to find interested people and bring them to your store. You would pay a fraction of the sale to the affiliate and you would get a new sale. A win-win. We won’t go too much further than that, we’ve already covered these details and more in a post you can find here.

Amazon Affiliate Specifics

When someone clicks on an Amazon affiliate link for 24 hours whatever purchases they add to their cart and purchase is attributed to the affiliate. This includes the product you offered on your website AND any that was added while they were on the website. The product type determines how much of a cut the affiliate makes. The whole list can be found here. Keep in mind though that Amazon knows your close friends and family so for those thinking they can game the system and simply asking them to use your links when they were going to buy things off of Amazon to begin with isn’t going to do you any good. To make up for this, know that you can also use Amazon affiliate links for products you offer for a way to earn twice!

Know Before You Go

Before we dive into becoming an Amazon affiliate, you’ll want to first create a platform for people to visit so you can provide your affiliate links. Fortunately, affiliate marketing is VERY versatile and means that you can pretty much drop them anywhere. Remember, affiliate marketing is a self-correcting device where if you can create great content for people, you’ll naturally get more sales. Inversely the opposite is true. Once you create your website or platform, you’ll be able to provide the source for the Amazon affiliate program to recognize you. Once you hook everything up then you’ll want to start driving traffic to it.

Become an Affiliate with Amazon

Joining the Amazon affiliate program is easy and rewarding. Amazon has the largest affiliate program and has proven success with converting visitors to sales on their website. All you must do is drive traffic to Amazon and they will do the rest. To join, simply click the link here, scroll to the bottom of and find the “Become an Affiliate” link, or search for amazon affiliate.

The Ways to Drop Affiliate Links

There are two ways to get the links once you have an account set up. You can use an Amazon Store feature on your platform and connect the unique user id, access key, and secret id that Amazon affiliates provides. The other way, and the more common way, is to use Amazon’s Side Stripe feature. The Side Stripe is a bar that goes above your Amazon website which allows you to look up a product and grab product links in the form of short text (our favorite), long text, images, or a combination. From here you can go on your platforms and drop links, pictures, hyperlink images, and so on to funnel traffic to Amazon.

What Happens Next

Once you rake in more than $10 in fees (fees are money that is owed to you as an affiliate) Amazon will send the money to your bank account once their pay period closes (this is usually monthly). This money will have to be reported on your taxes as income. You can then further your reward by using Amazon’s bounty program. Bounties are bonuses awarded to you when your affiliate links are the cause of someone purchasing a specific Amazon product like Prime, Amazon Business, and their Credit Card.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I also would never recommend something that I, myself, would not do and can genuinely say that there is great value in these recommendations. Although I try to make the information in these posts as accurate as possible, it does not constitute as financial or legal advice. Please do your own research, everybody's situation is different.

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