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Audiobook Release Sneak Peak - With Audio!

Because our Kindle and Paperback were so well received we are releasing an Audibook too

Available on Select Platforms

COMING SOON we are releasing the audibook version of our book, "What You Need to Know About Opportunity Cost." This version will only be available through Audible, Amazon, and Apple iTunes.

Our Partnership

We partnered with Justin M. Grant with Audible Creation Exchange (ACX) to produce a copy of our work that will be available for those who want to listen at the gym, during a car ride, and on the go. Justin's work hooked us from the very moment we heard it. We had many other cheaper options but decided that for the quality and the long-term partnership we would go with his studio and so far it's been the most pleasurable part of the publishing process. For those interested his ACX profile can be found here and his Facebook page can be found here.

A Sneak Peak Sample

Last sneak peak we released there was nothing about the book included which we felt was an area of improvement. (Sorry!) But to make it up to you here is the promised audio clip that you'll receive with your copy of "What You Need to Know About Opportunity Cost."

PLAY Chapter 1: What Is Opportunity Cost - Audio Clip Sneak Peak

*The Audio clip will open in a new window

Lots of Big Events

There's a lot to look forward to here with all the big changes. On top of the release of our audiobook we will produce a post on How to Create Your Own Audiobook so you can do it yourself too! You'll also get our tips and all the details of our process too.

Book Recommendations


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I also would never recommend something that I, myself, would not do and can genuinely say that there is great value in these recommendations. Although I try to make the information in these posts as accurate as possible, it does not constitute as financial or legal advice. Please do your own research, everybody's situation is different.

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