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Early Release: Our Audio Book is OUT NOW!

What You Need to Know About Opportunity Cost is available in audibook in select markets

Quick Quality Check

Fortunately, the ACX quality review finished early which means it is out much sooner than we anticipated! What You Need to Know About Opportunity Cost is now available in solely on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes (links provided).

What's Next? YouTube

While waiting for the audio books to be published we started a YouTube channel which we are beyond excited about. The first two videos can be found on our channel. There are many videos we are excited to produce, some of which we will draw from the website and expand on and some completely new!

Once the second edition of the book is out we want to reach out to Graham Stephan's podcast and see if we can make a guest appearance on his show.

Second Edition

The second edition of our book is complete. We were able to fix formatting, expand on concepts, add 20% more book, create a much more appealing interior design, and are sporting a new book cover.

Website Articles

In the works we have ideas to produce articles for:

  • How to get your audio book produced

  • How we now do book cover designs

  • Release of the second edition of our book now called "Opportunity Cost Investing"

  • Adding our YouTube videos to our articles


Thank You!

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