How 17/17 People Passed Air Traffic Basics

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

A look at how the G-Springs team passed one of the hardest hiring practices and moved on to the next step.


It has to first be noted that we were gifted with probably the best instructors the academy has to offer. I have never in my life had a role model quite like the ones we had here. Michael Giordano ("Just G") in specific creates and nurtures families of air traffic students and I can honestly say that had it not been for him I wouldn't have nearly developed a team mentality like the one I have now. I can see that everyone took a large part of that with them into the advanced training and probably for the rest of their life. Here's some of the key takeaways from his leadership:

  • Live your life with full passion

  • Connect with your team on a deeper and more human level; it's not all just work

  • Be inclusive, rotate teams, and praise

  • Find the good in everyone

  • Be in the moment

Here's why that's so important. Because we were able to fully express ourselves and be welcomed for it we had the freedom to express our thoughts and methods which helped everyone involved. Everyone has a way to do things and to hear it from everyone helps reinforce it. We also were able to resolve concepts we struggled with by relating it to the person we were addressing the question because we knew how to draw similes and mnemonics.


We were the survivors of the shutdown and therefore a pretty dedicated group. Most of us had class dates before the government shutdown December 2018 which was then retracted. Some of us already left our jobs and made all of the efforts to move our lives to Oklahoma where we would be for for 4 months before being sent wherever the job needs us.

Found Time to Relax

We enjoyed all that Oklahoma had to offer. We tried to do something relaxing at least once a week, usually on a Saturday, and then have a study session on Sunday. This is one of the most important aspects however because the job can be an enormous amount to juggle and stresses a lot of people out. But we have found that controlling your nerves makes a significant difference in performance.

Book Recommendations on Leadership


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