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How to Land Your Dream Job - The Interview

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Learn the quintessential tricks and hacks to landing your dream job!

Ultimately you'll want to work for yourself but until then you may find yourself needing to pass the dreaded job interview. Hopefully with these tips you'll not only land your dream job but you'll come to enjoy the process too!

Before the Interview

There are some incredible ways to put yourself ahead of the crowd and prove your worth to the people you will be interviewing you. First make sure your self-marketing is up to date. Update your resume, LinkedIn, website, and portfolio with as much detail and significance you can muster.

Pro Tip: Unless you know the job will not use flash drives for security reasons, make a portfolio on a flash drive to hand to your interviewer (Bonus points if you can get one with the company colors). Include your resume in both .doc and .pdf format along with items you can showcase from your past.

After interviewing many candidates myself I've come to appreciate it when the interviewee has come in with notes already made and questions already prepared (If you do this make sure to write neatly!).

At the Interview

First and foremost be happy to be there and be yourself. Here's a shot for you to move up in the world and they already have found value in you. These are great things and simply relax and enjoy your time.

Come impeccably dressed. It has been said that people can judge you within the first 7 seconds of meeting with you. Your first impression should be stunning. If you're not sure of the attire it's best to overdress and be able to strip layers if need be. The single best adjustment you can make is having your clothes fitted. It makes the biggest difference and once you're decked out your confidence will be beaming, I promise you.

The Two Important Questions

During the first 15 minutes (or less) you want to work in a very important question and that is, "I want to ask what is it that stood out about me that mad you want to interview me today?" You'll essentially start a conversation on the positives of what it is that brought you to that very moment and start a positive ball rolling. At the end of the interview you will always get asked, "Do you have any questions for me?" This is your moment to finish strong. Not only should you deliver your 2-3 questions that you've prepared but you also want to ask this one important one; "Was there anything that we've discussed or you've noticed in my time here that has raised any concerns or questions?" This will give you to immediately put an end to any uncertainties that they have and flip anything into positives or give you a second chance to speak more plainly about their remark.

Considerations for Before

Sometimes just getting the interview can be the hardest step of the whole process! The secret really is to know somebody on the inside that can help set it up for you but if you don't have that you'll have to make appearances and make phone calls. Here's a story of the extent I went through to get an interview once.

There was a job that would provide great aviation experience and would pay really well but I was having a hard time finding a way in. So one day I stopped over at a Dunkin Donuts and purchased 7 muffins (They come in boxes of 4 so one was missing) and I wrote on the box:

To: The [the name of the business] crew

From: Jessie Rancourt

P.S. I hope you don't mind I took one ;)

I walked into the facility and politely asked the lady at the front desk if I could see the hiring manager for an interview and that the muffins were for the team. She happily accepted the muffins and brought the hiring manager who remarked, "I didn't know we had an interview scheduled today but I have a moment and can interview you in the office." Sufficed to say I was offered a position on the spot.

Considerations for After

When you leave your previous job make sure to ask for a letter of recommendation while they have you in mind. Find the highest authority who you think would be able to speak competently on your skills and your experience at your last job. You can add these recommendations to your LinkedIn and keep them in your personal files just in case. Also make sure to return the favor!


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