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Oklahoma is More than Just OK

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Although their motto is "Labor Omnia Vincit" which translates to "Work Conquers All", you'll be sure to find that Oklahoma is all work AND all play!

Downtown Oklahoma City is absolutely stunning with a hint of San Antonio vibe present in the canals running through the streets of Bricktown. This city is host to canal rides, rock climbing on silos, the can't miss Michael Murphy's Dueling Piano Bar, and of course the Chickasaw Bricktown Baseball Stadium. One of our favorite parts was simply hopping on one of the electric scooters that are becoming popular and riding them from city mural to salient tourist attractions.

What's so great about a city like Oklahoma City is that because it's smaller than the average major cities, you get all of the best aspects about visiting a city without any of the stress-inducing drawbacks (streets being packed, trouble navigating, noisy or dirty, etc.). I mean sure you won't get the nightlife like New York City, but it's worth the 20 minute drive time to get anywhere you want in the area. Oklahoma has A TON of hidden gems like Empire Pizza must-have pizza places.

A quick 20 minute drive past the iconic Skydance Pedestrian Bridge is where you can find some of the most beautiful places to eat in all of Oklahoma; Lake Hafner. Now's a good time to point out that Oklahoma has some of the cheapest costs of living in the country we've seen so choosing a fancy dinner with a sunset view of the lake won't break the bank. A definitely must see for couples visiting the city or singles ready to mingle (We even got to see a marriage and a proposal on the pier in the same evening!)

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And for those on more of the adventurous side look no further than Riversport Adventures home to an official US Olympic & Paralympic Training Site. Don't worry though, you don't have to be that good to have a great time here. There's kayaking, zip lines, rope courses, and paddle boarding for all ages.

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To top it all off: if your timing is right you can get to see the Star Spangled Salute Air and Space Show, one of the best airshows in the country, put on by Tinker AFB...for free! Aviation runs thick in the blood of the Oklahoma spirit being a hub for aviation training and the show is nothing shy of pure representation of it.

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