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Phone Plan for $15/mo - Mint Mobile Review

An honest review of the Mint Mobile phone plan for those frugal friends out there


Ryan Reynolds

When we first heard about Mint Mobile it was through a hilarious advertisement by Ryan Reynolds over YouTube. Apparently, he had bought ownership in the company and was doing his share to promote the business. Similarly, he broke news headlines when he left everyone with the Mint Mobile service a voicemail which received great applaud by the consumers. But that's not what really got our attention, it was the low-cost business model.

What's the Appeal

Mint Mobile is a phone provider with several low-cost plans available. We chose the $15 a month plan for 12-months and will review this plan. We chose this plan because it was the lowest cost and determined that 3GB would be enough data due to being almost entirely connected to the internet already. However, even the phone plans with more data are super cheap. Notice they even have an intro 3-month offer:


The Opportunity Cost

Now let's examine the real costs. There is certainly more to the $15 a month than just that $15 a month. For starters, taxes and fees pushed the monthly total closer to $16 a month, which is still nothing to pass up on, but there's a catch. Mint Mobile requires you to make a lump payment ahead of time, meaning we have to look into the opportunity cost.

After running the numbers, Mint Mobile still comes out ahead by a landslide. We switched from a ~$25 a month T-Mobile family plan and estimate our savings at around $7 a month per person. That said, you are locked into a plan for 12-months meaning that if another plan came up that was better there would be a barrier there. All considered, we estimated that the probability of this event was small enough, and that the change of savings to a new plan would be insignificant enough, where we were happy to lock in a 12-month plan.

The Cherry on Top

Mint Mobile offers a sweet referral program where both you and your friend can save money. You can use ours to get a $15 renewal credit here. These are our favorite savings because as you save money and help others do the same you are rewarded for it. It's a win-win-win.


Customer Service

Switching from T-Mobile specifically was a bit tricky because if you are not the account holder you have to get the account holder to obtain information for you to switch your plan and keep your phone number. We ran into issues here (our fault - although we weren't sure at the time) and when we called Mint Mobile customer service for help they were quick and very helpful.

When you get Mint Mobile, a package comes in the mail with a sim card to put in your phone. We received our sim card within 3 days and it came with easy to understand instructions, support videos, and free stuff to give away to friends who might be interested in also trying Mint Mobile.

Cell Reception

We are receiving the same service as when we were with T-Mobile. The only road bump we ran into was not being able to use data on day 1 but after researching the issue we found out that all we had to do was restart the phone and it worked immediately, again user error.


Seal of Approval

Switching to Mint Mobile was a great experience and are definitely happy with the cost savings. We are recommending our friends look into how much money they can save.


Something to Maybe Look Forward to

Mint Mobile sparked an idea with us. We are playing with the idea of creating a personal savings forum where people can contribute their money saving and wealth creating tricks. This could have been a way for us to know about Mint Mobile even faster - or maybe even a cheaper alternative. Who knows, maybe there are super savings we don't know about yet that's waiting to be shared.

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